Candidato a diputado Omar Fernández felicita por día de la Independencia

Santo Domingo, RD. -The deputy candidate, Omar Fernández Domíngu ez, presented his congratulations to the entire Dominican people on Wednesday afternoon on the occasion of the celebration of the 176th anniversary of the National Independence, inviting to propose ideas for a better country.

The message was issued through an interesting video posted on their social media accounts, in which the aspiring deputy for the Circumscription No. 1 of the National District (# DN1) is seen interacting in the Independence Park with citizens, who asks Let them write a phrase from the country they want.

The phrases shared by the citizens end up forming the Dominican flag, which include messages with claims of greater safety in the streets, more justice, better employment opportunities for young people, as well as greater transparency in the management of state funds, among others.

Referring to this innovative integration exercise, Omar Fernández, who is a candidate for the Force of the People (FP) and Christian Social Reformist (PRSC) parties, said: “I want to serve, represent and defend our people and strongly believe that the only way to do so is to listen to their dreams and aspirations for a better Dominican Republic. ” Exercise that has recently been implemented by integrating the first team of volunteers into your campaign with the desire to contribute to “a new and better story” based on collaboration and ideas

The young candidate said that “As a young man I feel committed to serving my people, representing their best interests and defending their right to develop their dreams and desires”

And he added that he will rely on what people say to carry out his legislative work, by expressing: “we take this flag to our campaign command to serve as an engine and inspiration, our flag is built with dreams and yearnings of the Dominicans ”.

In addition to aspiring to represent from the Congress of the Republic, Omar is a lawyer, president of the Fernández & Fernández law firm, and director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Global Foundation, Democracy and Development (Funglode).

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